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I post my fan-fics, memes i used, as well as post my oc's for my group called poke heroes


Eevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfish


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Last night, buring the 25th anniversary party, Sega announced a lot of things, such as Classic Sonic and Green Hill Zone being added to Sonic Dash, A trailer of Sonic in Lego Dimensions. But the two big cherries on the birthday cake is two new games. One is a game with classic Sonic and the other with both Modern and Classic Sonic.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm Hyped for these game. ( even though I don't have a PS4 or Xbox 1.)


Chapter 9: Team Freedom Fighters Vs. Giant Bakuya! Enter Scollia.

Narrator: Previously on Poke Heroes Chronicles, Nick had turned to normal. After getting the run down, he and his group rush off to Sandshrew Desert. When there, they fight the Fearsome Five, defeating several members and freeing their friends. As a last minute reserve, Bakuya uses a gem that turned him into a giant. Can our heroes bring this giant down, or will Bakuya beat the heroes and claim victory? Find out now!

The Chapter begins in the lower deck of the ship, Lila and Patra both look around in confusion.

Lila: W-Where are we?

Patra: Weren't we just turned to Stone?

Lila: Yes, but... how did we turn to normal?

Soon everything started to shake.

Patra: W-W-What's happening?!

Lila: I D-D-Don't know, but let's get out of here!

The two leave the deck, outside in the desert, the heroes stare at the giant Bakuya.

Nick: Whoa!

Rick: H-He's huge!

Bakuya: Hahahaha! What do ya think heroes? I'm ginormous! Just try to land a punch on me!

Craig: With pleasure!!

Craig rushes at the giant and begins to punch his left foot, but nothing happens. Bakuya lifts the foot and stomps on Craig.

Katelyn: Craig!!

But Craig is seen lifting the foot, but he is having a difficult time.

Craig: N-Nick, Rick, get your asses over here and help!!

Without hesitation Nick and Rick hurry under the foot and help Craig lift. But their might wasn't enough, they get stomped into the ground. William, Liam, and Sparx all attack the foot that stomped on Nick, Rick, and Craig. Bakuya lifts his leg and the three stomped heroes get up and dodge another stomp. A black dragon mark forms on William and Light blue orbs form around Nick's hands.

Nick: Nova...

William: Black Dragon...

William Grabs Nick and throws him into the sky, William does the same thing to Craig, Craig lights his right fist on fire.

Craig: Flame...

William looks at Katelyn and nods his head, Katelyn pulls back and smacks William into the air with her Hammer. 

All 3: BLAST!!!

All three launch their attacks at Bakuya's head. Smoke covers his head, the three land on the ground. The smoke clears and Bakuya is still unharmed.

Nick: What!?

Craig: Damn!

Sparx: Can anything work on this guy!?

Katelyn: Well we've got to try!

Martina: You never know what can happen.

Both of them rush at Bakuya, but Bakuya soon grabs them. at first he crushes them, but soon he eats the two.

Bullet: AH, HE ATE THEM!!

Bakuya: Hmm, Not bad, you guys're next!

He proceeds to grab more. He does the same thing, crush them and then eats them. The only ones left on the field is Nick, Craig, William, Rick, Alyssa, Leah, Blizzard, Scott, and Millia.

Nick: Oh man, this is NOT good. He's got nearly everyone in him!

Alyssa: What do we do?

Scott looks at Millia with concern.

Scott: ( Shoot, if only we had another Mega Stone... WAIT, yes there's still one thing. ) Millia!

Millia: Yes Scott?

Scott: Things aren't looking well. If this keeps up we'll lose and die. There's only one solution.

Millia: How? Nick already use the one Mega Stone we had!

Scott pulls out two crystal in the form of earrings.

Millia:* Gasp * Those are...

Scott: You do left, I'll do right.

Meanwhile on the inside of Bakuya, everyone is panicking.

Liam: We've been eaten!!

Bonnie: * Punching * Let us out you no good varmint!

Antonio: It's no use, we're goners!

Katelyn: Craig please, HELP!!

Back on the outside, Bakuya tries grabbing the rest of the heroes, but they fight back. Nick fires several blasts at Bakuya's head, Blizzard spins around on his head, Alyssa kicks Blizzard into Bakuya's right foot. William slashes Bakuya's left foot. Bakuya kicks the two away.

Leah: Nothing's working!

Scott: Not for long.

Both Scott and Millia put on the crystal earrings. Both begin to move towards each other, they soon collide and a bright light covers the area.

Alyssa: W-What's happening?

The light soon vanishes and soon a new fighter appears.

Scollia: Fusion Complete.

Leah: Fusion?

Nick:* Whistles * That's cool!

Scollia: Bakuya, you shall be punished for devouring Our son's friends.

Bakuya: Hahahahaha! Just try to hit me.

Scollia warps in front of Bakuya's face and the fused fighter lands a powerful punch on Bakuya that caused him to fall to the ground. A beam like sword forms over Scollia's right hand and uses it to cut Bakuya open. Scollia creates a giant net and scoops the heroes out of Bakuya's stomach. Scollia places them near Nick and the rest.

Liam: W-What the heck is that!?

Nick: I dunno, some kind of fusion of Scotts and Mills.

Katelyn: Fusion? Don't be ridiculous!

Bakuya remains on the ground. Scollia shoots several energy bullets into the air, all landing on Bakuya. The fused fighter raises its hands to the air and a large energy ball forms over the hands. Scollia throws the ball down, colliding with Bakuya. A large explosion happens, The explosion soon ends Bakuya. Everything clears away, even the ship. Bakuya is no where to be seen.

Nick: Yeah! She did it, er i mean he did it! no wait....

Scollia: With Bakuya gone, the fearsome five is no more.

William: Thank arceus.

Nick: Say uh, where's Lils?

???: AHHH!!

Everyone looks into the skies to see Lila and Patra falling from the sky. Scollia flies and catches Patra, but misses Lila. Nick dashes in a straight line, Jumps into the air and Catches Lila.

Nick: Phew, that was close.

Lila: * Gasping * Oh man, that was frightening.* Nick puts Lila down * Thank you darling.

Nick: No sweat!

Meanwhile, A nanoroid rushes into the castle.

Nanoroid: Z-Z-Z-ZOA!!!

Zoa: What? Have the Fearsome Five returned?

Nanoroid: No, They've been defeated!

Zoa: WHAT!!??

Nanoroid: Bakuya's ship has been destroyed, and is no longer on radar!

Zoa: GRRR..... Even Bakuya and his group couldn't win. Damn it!

Nanoroid: W-W-What do we do?

Zoa: Grr....

Then all of a sudden a horde of Nanoroids enter the room, some being more different than others.

Zoa: huh? What's going on?

Zick: Listen Zoa, We're through working for you!

Bio: All you do is bark orders and do NOTHING! We're rebelling against you!

Zoa: WHAT!? You're siding with the enemy!?

Nela: Of course not! We're going to earth to kill as many as we can, Without your order!

The Nanoroids soon leave.

Zoa: Those dumb idiots!

???: Relax sir.

Zoa looks to see five umbreons.

Zoa: Ah! Byakkyo! Wait, don't tell me your rebelling as well?

Byakkyo: Of course not. The Deadly Six is dedicated to you Zoa.

Chojin: Yeah, but for me, I'll do anything if there's food involved!

Yenma: We shall do anything you desire sir.

Rice: I'll stuff'em! 

Kagura: Say Zoa, we've been looking for Shazow, have you seen him?

Zoa: Well, A nanoroid reported him dead.

All: Dead?!

Chojin: Byakkyo, you know what this means!?

Byakkyo: No.

Chojin: It was probably Mark and Brenda's child!

Yenma: That little brat? Don't be stupid Chojin!

Chojin: Well, who else could have beaten him!?

Zoa: Scott and Millia.

Byakkyo: Scott and Millia? But i thought they died like the other umbreons.

Zoa: Well, they lived and had a child of their own. Listen, as punishment for rebelling against me, I want you five to go and kill the rebels.

All: Yes sir!

Narrator: With the Fearsome Five defeated, Things go worse for Zoa when multiple Nanoroids rebel against him. Are our heroes ready? What is the bizzare gems Scott and Millia used to defeat Bakuya? Find out Next time on Poke Heroes Chronicles!
Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 9

Hello, My name is Scott, Umbreon survivor.

When Nick and his group beat the Fearsome Five
Bakuya used a gem that turned him into a giant.

He crushed and devoured multiple of William's friends.

Me and my wife had only one option left, to use the Fusion Crystals.
And thankfully, they worked and we managed to beat Bakuya.
Last night, buring the 25th anniversary party, Sega announced a lot of things, such as Classic Sonic and Green Hill Zone being added to Sonic Dash, A trailer of Sonic in Lego Dimensions. But the two big cherries on the birthday cake is two new games. One is a game with classic Sonic and the other with both Modern and Classic Sonic.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm Hyped for these game. ( even though I don't have a PS4 or Xbox 1.)
Chapter 8: Heroes planned for execution! Help arrives!

Narrator: Last time on Poke Heroes Chronicles, our heroes got a distress message from Patra, queen of Sandshrew Desert. When the heroes arrived, they encounter the Fearsome Five. While some of the heroes fight off the Fearsome Five, Leah, Martina, and Alyssa locate the ship and have found William, now they search for the guard with the key to William's cell. The fearsome five, after suffering several blows, unleash an attack that defeated the heroes. Metarex soon turned Lila and Patra to stone. What will the Fearsome Five do to the fallen heroes? Find out today!

The chapter starts with Leah, Martina, and Alyssa roaming the halls, searching for the guard with the key to William's cell. they soon peek around a corner to see a Nanoroid with several keys.

Alyssa: * Whisper * Think that's him?

Leah: * Whisper * Hopefully.

Martina: * Whisper * How're we gonna get close to it?

Soon another Nanoroid comes along.

Nanoroid#1: Yo Mac, you hear? Metarex turned That dim-witted hero into a lawn gnome!

Mac: Seriously? Weird, considering Metarex can only use the Medusa Stare ounce a year.

Nanoroid: Well, the dude said that was all a myth, but he did say he can only do it ounce every 24 hours, AND to only one group of people at a time. Ounce he uses the Medusa Stare on someone, the last person he used it on turns back to normal.

Mac: Yeah, let's hope he didn't use it o-* Looks behind him * HEY!!

The girls begin to flee as the Nanoroid spots them, the two Nanoroids soon give chase. The two come to a stop and look around.

Mac: The hell did they go?

Nanoroid: Drat, we'll have to fi-

Soon the two of them were hit in the head via a Frying pan. They fall to the ground and Martina grabbed the keys the one Nanoroid had.

Martina: Heh, Frying pans, a Woman's best friend.

Leah: Good job Martina! Now, let's get this to William's cell!

???: No way!

Soon three heart bubbles were shot at the girls. They were soon sealed in the bubbles. Bakuya and the rest of the Fearsome Five, Along with the fallen heroes and Stoned Lila and Patra.

Beauty: Nice try ladies!

Metarex: Thought you could free that Umbreon? HA! Not while we're here!

Alyssa: Oh man!

Martina: We were so close!

Meanwhile, back at Poke Heroes HQ, Molly and the rest stare at the stoned Nick.

Molly: Big bro.

Antonio: who could've done this?

Bullet: Who ever it was, they're really lucky. Nick would've kicked their butts in an instant!

Bonnie: Now Bullet, just because Nick is one of the highest ranked members here, Doesn't mean he can beat everyone.

James: She's got a point Bullet. Nick lost a few battles...

Soon the Stoned Nick started to crack.

Lilly: Nick's cracking!

Soon the stone cracked off of Nick, and he returned to normal.

Nick: Burning... Huh?

He looks around.

Nick: The heck happened?

Molly: Big bro, you're okay!

Nick: Of course i'm okay. Did something happen?

Antonio: Monsieur Nick, you were turned to stone!

Nick: Really? Hmm... Ah HA! Metarex!

All: Metarex?

Nick: Yeah! During the night, some guys came and snatched William and his parents up. I tried to beat them, but then Metarex used a technique to turn me to stone!* Looks around * Where's Lils and the others?

Bullet: They went to Sandshrew Desert.

Nick: Why?

Bonnie: Patra needed help with something, So Lila and the rest flew to Sandshrew Desert.

Nick: Maybe those jerks invaded Patra's Kingdom! I'll show those guys what for!

Nick tries to run off, but James grabs a hold of Nick.

James: Easy there Hot Shot!

Antonio: Monsieur Nick, if you lost to Metarex, then you'll have a hard time taking on those fiends by yourself.

Nick: You're point?

Bullet: Let us help!

Nick: Huh?

Bonnie: Sugar Eevee, it's been a long time since I've battled.

Bullet: I haven't had any action in years!

Antonio: Miss Katelyn was with the rest, and I'm worried about her!

James: I'll help as well!

Nick: Alright then!* To Molly * Molly, I need you to...

Molly: Stay here so i don't get hurt. I understand bro!

Nick: Heh, Alright.* To his group * Come on guys, I know a short cut!

The scene cuts to a chamber, where the heroes were chained to walls. Scott and Millia are seen chained as well.

Scott: Damn it!

Millia: This can't be! Have we truly lost?

Katelyn: No, there's got to be someone who can help... But Who?

William: Nick, where the HELL are you?!

Bakuya: Alright heroes, time to go!

Bakuya unlocks the cell that contained the heroes.

Bakuya: We have prepared the location for your executions.

All: Executions?!?

Meanwhile, in Sandshrew Desert, Nick and the rest look at the damaged village.

Antonio: Good grief!

Nick: Looks like a big rumble went down in this place.

Brooke: N-Nick?

Nick and the rest look to see Brooke in the sand. Nick walks over and picks her up.

Nick: Brooke, the heck happened here?!

Brooke: The guys, they tried to fight, but they lost.

Bullet: Where are they now?

Brooke points to the east.

Brooke: The enemies took them to a ship located east.

Bonnie: Are you alright sweetie Riolu?

Brooke: No, i got my butt kicked. Nick, please....

Nick lays Brooke on the ground.

Nick: Come on guys, we've got to get the guys back and take these enemies down!

The group heads east. Back with Bakuya, he and the rest place the heroes in individual locations.

Beauty: You sure about this Bakuya?

Bakuya: Of course Beauty. with them out of the way, we can wreck havoc on this planet.

Scott: You'll never get away with this!

Metarex: Hahahaha! who's gonna stop us? We'll you obviously can't, stupid Um-

Out of nowhere, someone launches themselves into the back of Metarex, knocking Metarex into the ground. The character lands on the ground in front of the Fearsome Five.

Beauty: What?!

Plus: B-B-But!

Bakuya: It's...

All: That eevee!

Nick: Heh heh, glad to see me?

Alyssa: Nick!

William: Huh? But Nick was turned to stone!

Metarex: Ugh. What happened?

Nick: thought you got rid of me eh?

Metarex: You!?

Bakuya: But how, that brat was turned to stone!

Metarex: Doesn't matter, we'll settle the fight we star-

Nick grabs metarex and throws him into the air, Nick points his right index finger into a gun like position. Light blue energy forms over the finger.

Nick: Time for some fireworks... NOVA...

Nick shoots a large light blue energy ball at Metarex and killed him.

Nick: Bullet.

Plus: H-H-HE...

Beauty: Killed him!

Nick: Alright guys, your turn!

Soon someone slashed plus from behind, a spark blast shot Minus, Beauty is kicked from behind, and Something rams into Bakuya from behind. The rest of Nick's team is shown.

Bullet: Alright!

Antonio: Phew, that was risky.

Nick: Heh heh! Nice job guys! 

Minus: Why you!

Plus: How'd they get here?

Beauty: How did the Eevee get back to normal?

Nick: Not sure how, but what i do know is that you guys're gonna get a serious beat down!

Bakuya: You really think fools such as yourselves can beat us?

Bonnie: You bet!

Beauty: Well then, how about we fight then!

Bullet: Bring it!

Nick and Bakuya rush at each other, both clashing punches with each other. Nick ducks under a pixel punch from Bakuya, a light blue orb forms around Nick's right fist.

Nick: Nova.... Shotgun!

A light blue blast is shot at Bakuya and is launched into the air, light blue orbs form around Nick's arms.

Nick: Nova...

Nick begins to throw punches, but they stop in one spot but Nick keeps punching. Bakuya lands on the ground, soon all the punches merge together. A blast launched at Bakuya.

Nick: Cannon!!

The attack hits Bakuya far away, Nick runs after him. Beauty and Bonnie attempt to kick each other, Beauty tried using her whip to wrap Bonnie's neck, Bonnie grabs the whip and pulls it towards her, dragging Beauty with it. Bonnie then lands on a punch on Beauty, Bullet jumps into Antonio's hands, Antonio tosses Bullet into the air, Bullet curls up into a ball, Antonio knocks Bullet into Plus, Minus grabs bullet and slams him into the ground, Antonio rushes in and stabs Minus. Plus gets up and touches Minus and gives him a power boost, Minus then grabs both Antonio and Bullet and smacks their heads together and tosses them into a wall. James grabs Minus from behind and shocks him, Minus grabs James and sucks his energy out of him. Beauty and Bonnie both keep punching each other, Until Bonnie grabs Beauty's tail and begins to spin her around, Bonnie soon flings Beauty into the ceiling. Back with Nick, he catches up to Bakuya. Bakuya gets up.

Bakuya: Hmm... Your team is pretty strong.

Nick: Thanks, yours' isn't to bad either.

Bakuya: But you know how this must go, only one team will live, and one will die.

Nick: And the group that's gonna live is mine!

Bakuya: Cocky little brat. Pixel...Vanish!

Bakuya vanishes. Nick looks around, but Bakuya appears behind him and tries to stab Nick. Nick dodges out of the way, Light blue orbs form around Nick's hands.

Nick: Nova... Gatling!!

Nick throws several punches at Bakuya, only to hit him once. Bakuya's right arm turns to pixel, Bakuya manages to stab Nick, Bakuya grabs Nick and throws him into the air. Light blue orbs form around Nick's legs.

Nick: Nova... Rapid Stamp.

Nick kicks his legs and hits Bakuya with them. Back with James and the rest, both sides grow tired.

Beauty: * Huff* Guys, I *Huff* Can't * Huff * keep going.

Minus: * Huff * Same here.

Plus: If only that kid had not killed Metarex, we could do the black wave attack.

Bonnie: Man, who knew these fellers were so strong.

Antonio: Boy, I don't think i can keep going.

Bullet: Yeah, but we've gotta beat'em!

Soon an aura ball was shot at Minus, which blew him up. Plus and Beauty turn to see Brooke, who's left arm is bruised up. Brooke then launches an aura blast at the chains that held the heroes. Craig and Rick rush at Plus and Beauty, Craig and Rick both use an attack that finished Plus and Beauty.

Katelyn: Yes!

Millia: We're free!

Scott: Don't celebrate yet, we've still got their leader to battle.

Nick and Bakuya both enter the room, Nick launches several Light Blue punches at Bakuya, Bakuya manages to cut Nick's cheek. Nick kicks Bakuya into the ground, Nick lands on the ground.

Nick: Hehehe, Ready to give up?

Bakuya: Never! I'll never quit!

Bakuya reaches down into his pocket and pulls out a stone, he crushes it and soon, he grows to the size of a giant. Everyone rushes outside, where they get a good view of Bakuya.

William: He's...

Nick: Huge!

Bakuya: Hahahaha! Now with my giant power, i can crush you all!

Narrator: With Nick back, our heroes have managed to beat Bakuya's crew, but when everything seemed to be over, Bakuya turns into a giant. Can our heroes defeat Bakuya, or will Bakuya kill the heroes? Find on the next, Poke Heroes Chronicles!
Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 8

I'm Nick, Nick the Eevee.

After a while, i somehow turned back to normal after being turned to stone.

The others told me Lils and the rest headed to Sandshrew Desert. I be that's where that jerk is!

huh? You guys wanna help? Alright!


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United States
Before we begin, let's go over my status


hey there! Nick's the name, and Drawing is my game! In my gallery you'll find stories and drawings( Well duh! ), most of it will be about my Series called Poke Heroes, a story about a group of anthropomorphic Pokemon. I'll kindly take any criticism you may give me, because as an artist, I want to know your personal opinion on what I do.

What I'll do:

character Bios

Things I won't do:

Anything Pony related

Guys i know in real life:

Waaay past cool dudes,dudettes:

Things ( Stamps ):
I hate Donald Trump by SoraRoyals77Furry and Proud Stamp by ICanDraw1342Homestuck-Free Gallery stamp by FireFlea-SanStamp: I do not take fetish requests by 64SuperNintendoBalto Fan Stamp by PyroglifixMagolor Stamp by ElidyssThey just irk me! by WhatsInAName99A nice anti My Little Pony stamp by DryBones157No i do not play FNAF by SoraRoyals77Friends over Romance Stamp by Foxflower-ZorraThere is nothing wrong with it by the-Gitz#471 - Glaceon Stamp by MrDarkBB#133 - Eevee Stamp by MrDarkBB#196 - Espeon Stamp by MrDarkBB#197 - Umbreon Stamp by MrDarkBBAnti TTG stamp by SonicandErikfanAnti Happy Three Friends stamps by pervyspotracoonplzI LOVE ALL VIDEOGAMES - Animated Stamp by SuperNavi64Awesome Pancake Stamp by FastmonUnderrated Video Games Stamp by SpeendlexLoud noises bother me stamp by UnassumingLocalLadyVore Stamp by FlappyWarriorsIZFanI love Christmas by SoraRoyals77I hate Ebola-Chan Stamp by N1000shMary Sues? meh by Squids-Stampsvanossgaming stamp by oiimiJB is a Jackass by GirlWithTheGreenHat

Characters( Stamp ):
Sango Stamp by SoraRoyals77Tails fan stamp by NatouMJSonicBlaze fan stamp by NatouMJSonicSilver fan stamp by NatouMJSonicSonic Fan Stamp by NatouMJSonicKnuckles Fan Stamp by NatouMJSonicSailor Jupiter Crystal Stamp by NatouMJSonicSailor Moon Crystal stamp by NatouMJSonicSailor Venus Crystal Stamp by NatouMJSonicSailor Mars Crystal Stamp by NatouMJSonicSailor Mercury Crystal Stamp by NatouMJSonicFlareon nom by L3xil3inKuririn flying by L3xil3inDigimon Stamp : Izzy Izumi III by bluster-squallDigimon Stamp : Tai Kamiya IV by bluster-squallDigimonStamp: TK Takaishi IV by bluster-squallDigimon Stamp : Matt Ishida IV by bluster-squallCarmelita Stamp by Verona7881Glaceon Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsLeafeon Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsJolteon Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsVaporeon Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsFlareon Fan Stamp by Skymint-StampsStamp: May -game- by Endless-RainfallDawn stamp by SA948-StampsWhite Spy Stamp by abrilmazziottiThe Third Black Spy Stamp by WardensPetHufferFish.:Mario Stamp III:. by ThePinkMarioPrincessstamp kumamon. by ingart15SE: Nya Blair stamp by Kaze-yoMimi Stamp by L3xil3inRayman was NEVER dead stamp by BlueDragonKaiserRuby.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmXChampion Cynthia by MarlenesstampsLudwig Koopa Stamp Love by kcjedi89Bowser Jr Love by kcjedi89Digimon Stamp: Joe Kido IV by bluster-squallPoM - Skipper by Stamps-By-MephiePoM - Private by Stamps-By-MephiePoM - Rico by Stamps-By-MephiePoM - Kowalski by Stamps-By-Mephie[STAMP] Rao by EmfenI'm Yamcha's fan stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stampsSTAMP: Lettuce Lover v2 by EllamenopeaBianca stamp by SA948-StampsLyra stamp by SA948-StampsNumbuh 4 Stamp by wolfishmeowMew Zakuro stamp by SA948-StampsMucha Lucha 4ever Stamp by TheRScroogeCode Lyoko - Odd Stamp by WildSpiritWolfGardenia Stamp by kalot3000Veemon Stamp by shadowmonkeybabyI love Vulpix Stamp by LiitTutubiGeneral Guy fan stamp. by Rock-Raidercrazy bunny stamp by dzika-koalaParappa the Rappa Stamp by AwesomeStampsI love Homer Stamp by OribeqirajArcanine fan stamp by Elik-ChanHammer Bro Stamp by Teeter-EchidnaFox is foxy stamp by AhnyksKirby Fan Stamp by toki28Okami by ovstampsHusky Penguin Stamp by hosmer23Lucario Fan stamp by Milestailsprower2991Loveable fool stamp by DbzbabeSpongebob Movie Stamp-Heroes by littiot



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