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Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 20
Chapter 20: The Graceful Ninja Yenma. Nick vs. the Stone Guardian!
Narrator: Previously on Poke Heroes Chronicles, our heroes conclude their battle with Chojin, after Krystal, Craig, and Rick combine their attacks to unleash a powerful attack that defeated the morbidly obese umbreon! elsewhere, Nick reaches the temple Nova sent him to. After overcoming obstacles, Nick comes across the gem, but he must defeat a Guardian in order to acquire it. Will Nick succeed? Who's next on the heroes attack list? Find out now!
The chapter begins back with Nick in the room with the guardian. Several boulders are shot at Nick, he dodges and weaves pass them. Nick jumps onto a pillar and jump towards the guardian, he kicks the guardian's leg. The guardian grabs Nick and slams him into the ground.
Guardian: I'm deeply sorry Nicholas, but your strength does not rival mine.
Nick: Listen rocky! I've surpassed myself multiple times before! If i can do it then, I can do it now!
Nick grabs a sharp
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Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 19
Chapter 19: All you can fight! Nick's temple run.
Narrator: Previously on poke Heroes Chronicles, our heroes finished up their training and set out to battle Chojin, who was found in a desert. Krystal challenges Chojin to a fight, and she asks Rick and Craig to join her. They have an easy time fighting him, but then the scenery changes and food begins coming to life. Can our heroes survive? Let's find out!
The chapter begins in a forest, Nick is seen wondering about.
Nick: Ah nature, what a beautiful place to live in.
Nick then notices a bunch of nanoroids fleeing. Yenma follows them, but then gets distracted by Nick's looks.
Yenma: Hey there cutie, what're you doing out here?
Nick: Just completing my training.
Yenma: By how?
Nick: I have to go to a temple and retrieve a gem. You seen a temple around here?
Yenma: Yeah, there's on just at the end of this forest. cutie.* winks *
Nick: Uh...thanks?
Nick continues on his way, Yenma continues her assault. The scene goes back
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Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 18
Chapter 18: Chojin, the glutton Umbreon! Krystal's first battle!
Narrator: Last time on Poke Heroes Chronicles, Liam finally builds Krystal! To prepare themselves for the Deadly Six, the team sets out to train in a cyberspace. Elsewhere, Nick continues his training with Nova. Nova sends Nick out to retrieve a gem that can return Nick's powers to him. Let's go to the chapter!
The chapter begins with Chojin in a desert, he glances at a map while chomping on meat.
Chojin: Man.* Munch * dish place ish complex.* Gulps and swallows the rest of the meat. * Man, if I don't kill someone soon, Byakkyo's gonna kill me! Hmm...
A shadow runs past him, Chojin looks to see one of the rebels.
Chojin: Hey! Wait up! I ain't a runner!
Chojin chases after the rebel. The scene goes back to the cyberspace. Scott and Millia continue trading attacks with one another. Millia tries to launch an emerald heart at Scott, but Sparx is knocked into her. Liam tries to hit Sparx, but Sparx creates a lightning
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Mature content
Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 17 :iconeeveeboy06:eeveeboy06 1 0
It's Krillin time! by eeveeboy06 It's Krillin time! :iconeeveeboy06:eeveeboy06 2 0
Poke Sneak Peak- We Believe in you Nick!
In a throne room, Nick lies down on the floor in pain.
Zoa: Do you understand now, Eevee king? With the power of the Master Umbreon Gem, I am unstopable!!
Nick:* Coughs up blood *
Zoa: Heh. You were a fool to try to dethrone me! Now, I will proceed to eliminate this universe!! The time for this universe to die is now!!
Nick: NO! * Huh? What's this feeling inside of me? *
The 4 Emeralds come out of Nick's body and disappear. The scene goes to Umbreon Island, where a ring forms around the center tower. The emeralds appear over the ring, the fly into the sky and scatter. One emerald goes to the heroes. Sparx notices the emerald.
Sparx: H-Hey, it's the emerald Nick had!
Everyone gathers around the emerald.
Bullet: What's it doing here?
James: I thought this thing was with Nick!
Inside the emerald, a visual of Nick lying on the ground in front of Zoa is shown.
Alyssa: * Gasp * Nick!
Rick: Crap, he's losing!
Brooke: But what can we do?
Molly: ...C'MON BIG BRO!!
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Poke Heroes Chronicles chapter 16
Chapter 16: the Deadly Six separate! Nick's intense training.
Narrator: Las time, on Poke Heroes Chronicles! Our heroes all worked together to defeat Bio. Crick gets in the last hit and he defeats Bio. After the battle, Crick defuses and Nick and Craig return to their perspective bodies. Scott and Millia take them back to base to be treated by Jessica. Later at night, Nick wonders about his Nova Ability's disappearance. Nova appears and offers Nick a chance to regain his powers by training with her, Nova also mentions that the Deadly Six have appeared on earth.
The chapter begins at Freedom Fighter HQ in the morning, Alyssa looks around the area for Nick, but she has no luck. She comes across Lila, Scott, and Millia.
Alyssa: Miss Lila?
Lila: Yes Alyssa deary?
Alyssa: Have you seen Nick, I've been looking all morning for him.
Scott: He went off to train.
Lila and Alyssa: What?
Millia: Yes, Nova came here over night and told Nick why his Abilities weren't working. She offered him
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William Raimondo Umbreon by eeveeboy06 William Raimondo Umbreon :iconeeveeboy06:eeveeboy06 2 3 Alyssa melody Glaceon by eeveeboy06 Alyssa melody Glaceon :iconeeveeboy06:eeveeboy06 2 0
Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 15
Chapter 15: End of the mad surgeon! Preparation training!
Narrator: Last time on Poke Heroes Chronicles, Crick faced with Bio, Crick fused together multiple objects together to make deadly combinations. Crick eventually fused together a watermelon half and a ninja shuriken together to cut the other heroes free. Now our heroes shall work together to defeat Bio ounce and for all, right now!!
The chapter resumes in the Death Emergency Room, where the heroes all combine their strengths to beat Bio. Blizzard spins on his head, Brooke jump on top of Blizzard and began to form aura orbs. Blizzard spins into Bio, while Brooke hits Bio with her aura orbs.
Brooke and Blizzard: Spinning aura top!!
Martina engulfs herself in water and ejected herself at Bio, Sonic merges with Martina's water jet and the two ram into Bio.
Martina and Sonic: Aqua jet!!
William takes his sword out, Rick places aura on William's sword. The two slash Bio.
William and Rick: Black dragon aura slash!!
Bio: (H-How is th
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Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 14
Chapter 14: Material Fusion! Crick Vs. Bio!
Narrator: Last time on Poke Heroes Chronicles, Nick and Craig experience the damage of Bio's cursed dolls. William gets the idea of using the fusion crystals. William gives Nick and Craig the fusion crystals, and the two fuse together to make the warrior Crick. Crick then fuses together a bomb and a slingshot, which causes damage to Bio. Will this fusion be enough to defeat Bio? Find out today!
The chapter begins in the Death Emergency Room, Crick stands on a sharp bone.
Crick: A fusion consisting of Nick and Craig. Two of the strongest members of the freedom fighters, fused together. I must warn you that I can only stay in this form for 5 minutes. Bio you shall pay for all the damage you have caused! Material Fusion; Yo-yo and Shark teeth!
Crick fuses the two items together to create a Yo-yo that has shark teeth implanted in it. Crick hurls the Yo-yo at Bio.
Crick: Razor Rad Yo-yo Slash!!
Scott: Yes! Crick is actually beating Bio!
Bio: Gr
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Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Cursed Doll Operation! Time to fuse!
Narrator: Last time on Poke Heroes Chronicles, Nick, Craig, and William continues their fight with the mad surgeon Bio. During the fight, Bio inject the boys with poison. Bio even attaches needles to William and when he pulled them out, blood gushed out of William's body. After receiving damage from Nick and Craig, Bio takes out a ball from his body and smashes it, causing dolls to be attached to Bio's body. Are our heroes prepared? What does this new found power do? Find out now!
The chapter begins on an island. The deadly six are seen looking at a nearby island.
Byakkyo: Anyone else feel that?
Kagura: Yes, that's Bio's God Boost.
Rice: so this means someone's fighting him!
Yenma: Yeah well whoever's fighting Bio is gonna be killed.
Chojin: Man, it suck if we got mixed up in it.
Byakkyo: And that's what we're going to do!
Rice: WHAT?! Are you nuts Byakkyo?!
Yenma: Byakkyo, you do remember we of the Deadly Six aren't strong enough to
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Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 12
Chapter 12: Surgery Battle! Bio vs. Team Nick!
Narrator: Previously on Poke Heroes Chronicles! Our heroes reached Kalos, and assisted Icer, Steven, and Sonic in battling the Nanoroids. Shortly, an umbreon who wears surgeon clothes appeared, and has changed the scenery to look like the inside of someone's body. Bio then challenges Nick, Craig, and William. Bio soon summons veins to bound the others to the walls. Can our heroes defeat Bio? Find out today!
The chapter continues in the Death Emergency Room. Nick and Bio rush towards each other, Bio tries to thrust his fist into Nick's chest to rip his heart out. Nick dodges over the hand and kicks Bio into the air. Craig jumps into the air and releases a burst of fire onto Bio. Bio falls, William takes out his sword.
William: Umbreon style...
William slashes Bio.
William: Umbreon Slash!! 
Bio lands on the grown.
Bio: I must say, you boys work well together.
Nick: Thanks! We're the three strongest of the freedom fighters!
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Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 11
Chapter 11: Duel in Kalos! Dark Doctor Bio Appears!
Narrator: Previously on Poke Heroes Chronicles! Nick and the others exit Sandshrew Desert. When they got back to base, Scott and Millia take Nick and William to Umbreon Island, to search for the fusion Crystals. While they were gone, Blair, the oldest daguhter of Delia, appears and begs for the heroes' assistance. Nick, William, Scott, and Millia return back to base, and our heroes get ready to head to Kalos. Will our heroes make it? Will the Nanoroid destroy Kalos? Find out now!
The Chapter begins in Kalos, where several Nanoroids are destroying buildings. One chases after Delia while she carries Susie. A Shadowy figure rams into a Nanoroid, knocking it into other Nanoroids. Two more shadowy figure appear and help fight of the Nanoroids. One launches an ice spear, stabbing several Nanoroids. The other uses Psychic powers to pick up objects and fling them at Nanoroids. The shadowy figures turn out to be Sonic, Icer, and S
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Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 10
Chapter 10: Truth behind the Fusion Crystals. Search for the Fusion Mine.
Narrator: Previously on Poke Heroes Chronicles, our heroes come face to face with the giant Bakuya. They fight with all their strength, but Bakuya was too powerful for them. Bakuya managed to devour several of the heroes. When all seemed lost, Scott and Millia used two crystals in the form of earrings, when they put on the earrings they fused into one, freeing the heroes from Bakuya's stomach and defeating Bakuya himself. Elsewhere, Nanoroids begin to rebel against Zoa. After hearing this, Zoa sends the Deadly Six after them. What were these mysterious crystals?  Where do they come from? Find out Now!
The Chapter begins in Patra's thrown room. Some of the heroes wait outside, While Nick and Lila are with Patra.
Patra: Oh thank you all so much!
Nick: It was no problem Patra!
Lila: Glad we could be of help Patra!
Drew: Wish i didn't your help, but... Thanks Eevee.* Holds hand in front of Nick, Nic
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Poke Heroes Comparison Chart by eeveeboy06 Poke Heroes Comparison Chart :iconeeveeboy06:eeveeboy06 2 0
I post my fan-fics, memes i used, as well as post my oc's for my group called poke heroes


The Banana Bunch by The-Driz The Banana Bunch :iconthe-driz:The-Driz 32 1 Chaotic Future by SpainOyabun Chaotic Future :iconspainoyabun:SpainOyabun 15 10 Totally Spies! - Tweaked Character Designs by tmntsam Totally Spies! - Tweaked Character Designs :icontmntsam:tmntsam 11 4 Chester Bennington by ShineLP Chester Bennington :iconshinelp:ShineLP 134 57 Forehead Ahead by YoshiMan1118 Forehead Ahead :iconyoshiman1118:YoshiMan1118 129 45 10th Danniversary by ecokitty 10th Danniversary :iconecokitty:ecokitty 384 28 Three Expressions of Eeveelution Girl by JawaunXD1000 Three Expressions of Eeveelution Girl :iconjawaunxd1000:JawaunXD1000 9 12 Sweet Babies by Besus-Cretin Sweet Babies :iconbesus-cretin:Besus-Cretin 7 9 Best Buy- Celebrity Deathmatch by cartooncowboy Best Buy- Celebrity Deathmatch :iconcartooncowboy:cartooncowboy 27 2 You Gotta Feel It! by OhDarnnitJerry You Gotta Feel It! :iconohdarnnitjerry:OhDarnnitJerry 151 84 Brothers by OhDarnnitJerry Brothers :iconohdarnnitjerry:OhDarnnitJerry 145 31 Commission- Playtime by pinkeevee222 Commission- Playtime :iconpinkeevee222:pinkeevee222 38 4 Gift- Konix kun by pinkeevee222 Gift- Konix kun :iconpinkeevee222:pinkeevee222 41 3 That Song So-Song-Song-Song by YoshiMan1118 That Song So-Song-Song-Song :iconyoshiman1118:YoshiMan1118 78 21 Sheila the Lucario by KendraTheShinyEevee Sheila the Lucario :iconkendratheshinyeevee:KendraTheShinyEevee 29 4 Atticus by Numbuh-27 Atticus :iconnumbuh-27:Numbuh-27 14 2


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So with E3 2017 finally here, we got quite a lot of games announced and some new trailers for games we've already seen. If I were to choose who won...I'd say it's a tie between Sony and Nintendo. So, here are my personal favorites from E3.





Gotta say, this was a good E3, much better than last year.


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hey there! Nick's the name, and Drawing is my game! In my gallery you'll find stories and drawings( Well duh! ), most of it will be about my Series called Poke Heroes, a story about a group of anthropomorphic Pokemon. I'll kindly take any criticism you may give me, because as an artist, I want to know your personal opinion on what I do.

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