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I post my fan-fics, memes i used, as well as post my oc's for my group called poke heroes


Eevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfishEevee by CreepyJellyfish


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Last night, buring the 25th anniversary party, Sega announced a lot of things, such as Classic Sonic and Green Hill Zone being added to Sonic Dash, A trailer of Sonic in Lego Dimensions. But the two big cherries on the birthday cake is two new games. One is a game with classic Sonic and the other with both Modern and Classic Sonic.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm Hyped for these game. ( even though I don't have a PS4 or Xbox 1.)


Note: Chapter 15 will be the last chapter for the rest of the year.
Chapter 15: End of the mad surgeon! Preparation training!

Narrator: Last time on Poke Heroes Chronicles, Crick faced with Bio, Crick fused together multiple objects together to make deadly combinations. Crick eventually fused together a watermelon half and a ninja shuriken together to cut the other heroes free. Now our heroes shall work together to defeat Bio ounce and for all, right now!!

The chapter resumes in the Death Emergency Room, where the heroes all combine their strengths to beat Bio. Blizzard spins on his head, Brooke jump on top of Blizzard and began to form aura orbs. Blizzard spins into Bio, while Brooke hits Bio with her aura orbs.

Brooke and Blizzard: Spinning aura top!!

Martina engulfs herself in water and ejected herself at Bio, Sonic merges with Martina's water jet and the two ram into Bio.

Martina and Sonic: Aqua jet!!

William takes his sword out, Rick places aura on William's sword. The two slash Bio.

William and Rick: Black dragon aura slash!!

Bio: (H-How is this possible?! Am I, an umbreon god, really going to lose to peasants like these?)

Millia forms a heart bubble, Scott forms a black dragon. The two launch their attack at the same time.

Scott and Millia: True love dragon heart!!

Alyssa and Icer shoot icicles at Bio.

Alyssa and Icer: Chill out stab!!

Bio: Grr... This isn't the end for you guinea pigs!!

Everyone: !!

Bio summons thousands of scalpels.

Bio: Multie scalpel barrage!!

the scalpels are thrown at the heroes, but Steven creates a barrier to deflect the scalpels. Sparx and Blair rush at Bio, Blair creating fireworks that hit Bio, and Sparx shoots lightning at the fireworks.

Sparx and Blair: Electric braxien fireworks!!

Bio: How can I take all this one sided damage?!

Crick: I only have 1 minute left, it's time to end this, Dark Doctor Bio! Material Fusion!!

Bio takes out tons of scalpels.

Bio: No! I won't let you win!!

Crick: thunder Stone, Fire Stone, and Water Stone!!!

Bio: Grr!!!

Crick fuses the three stones together to create an explosion of fire, water, and lightning that defeats Bio.

Crick: Oracle of elements!!!!

Bio: (N-No... I...I...Lost?!?!?)

Bio lands on the ground, the scenery changes back to Kalos town square.

Lila: Phew...thank goodness that horrid nightmare is over!

Crick: Heh, amateur!

The fusion crystals break and Nick and Craig return to their normal bodies. Nick and Craig both lye on the ground.


Craig: That was really...tough.

Katelyn helps Craig up, Alyssa and Delia help Nick up.

Alyssa: Are you okay Nick?


Nick closes his eyes and falls to sleep.

Lila: We better get Nick and Craig to Jessica, she'll treat them faster than you can say surgery!

William: Ugh...Lila, please don't say the word"surgery" to me again.

Lila: Oh...sorry William deary.

Scott: Me and my wife will take them your doctor.

Alyssa: Cool!

Katelyn: Thanks!

Katelyn gives Craig to Scott and Alyssa gives Nick to Millia. the two fly off back to HQ. Bio gets back up.

Bio: I'm...Still alive?!

Alyssa: OH NO!

Blizzard: HE'S BACK!!

Bio: Now I'll make you all pa-

Soon, tons of rice grabbed Bio.

Bio: R-Rice?! N-No!!!!

Bio is pulled away from the heroes.

Leah: W-Where'd he go?

Rick: Wasn't that rice the pulled Bio away?

Sonic: Looks like it.

Lila: Okay! Let's get back to HQ!

The heroes head back to the A.C.E.T., Martina notices that Sonic, Steven, and Icer follow.

Martina: are you guys coming with us?

Icer: Yeah.

Steven: It's the least we can do for those two brave soldiers.

Lila: ...Alright, but there's not enough room for you three.

Icer: It's alright, we got Sonic here!

Steven and Icer grab onto Sonic, sonic takes off with the two. The scene goes to freedom fighter HQ, where Anotnio, Jessica, Bullet, Bonnie, and the other wait for the heroes. Scott and Millia land with Nick and Craig.

Scott: Excuse us, miss Jessica?

Jessica: Oh my gosh! What happened to those two?

Millia: They had an encounter with Bio, a mad surgeon from the Nanoroid Army.

Jessica: Those poor boys.

Craig: Just treat us will ya?

Jessica: Okay, if you two can get Nick and Craig to my office, I'll get to treating them right away!

Scott and Millia: Okay!

the two enter the building. Minutes pass, and the heroes return back to HQ. Scott and Millia meet up with Lila.

Lila: Did Nick and Craig get here safely?

Scott: Yes. Your doctor is treating them right now.

Jessica, Nick, and Craig walk out of the building.

Jessica: Nick and Craig are going to be alright!

Nick: YEAH!

Craig: That fight was exhausting!

the scene changes to night time. Scott and Milla sit on the roof of HQ.

Millia: Bio rebelling against Zoa, when I heard that, I could feel my hearts skip a beat!

Scott: Why would Bio, of all members of the Nanoroids, rebel against Zoa?

Millia: Hmm?* Sees Nick walking out of the building and walking near the lake of stones * What on earth is Nick doing up at this time of night?

Nick tries to uses Nova attacks, but they all burst up.

Nick: I don't get it! Why can't I use my nova powers?!

Millia: Is something wrong Nick?

Nick: Huh? Oh, it's just that I'm wondering why my nova attacks are working....

???: Because you have been overusing them.

Nick, Scott, and Millia look to see a woman in a cloak.

Nick: N-Nova? what are you doing here?

Nova: Boy, I have watched your battle with that surgeon. The reason for you not being able to use your nova powers is because you have been using them too much. Tell me, have you felt a surge in your body?

Nick: Well, now that you mention it, I did feel a bit of a vibration in my body before I fought Bio.

Nova: That's the signal that you have been using your powers too much.

Nick: So what? Does this mean I can't you them ever again?

Nova: Well, if you come train with me, I'll be able to help you get your power back to normal.

Nick: How do I know I can trust you?

Nova: Nick, I am a changed woman. I'm willing to help restore your powers so that you can battle the six.

Nick: "The six"?

Nova: Yes, six umbreons have appeared.

Scott: Wait, one of them wouldn't happen to be obese?

Nova: Yes, of them was obese.

Millia: Oh no! The Deadly Six are here!

Nova: Nick, please come with me to train.

Nick: ...Scott, Mills?

Scott: Yes?

Nick: If anyone asks where I am, tell them I'm off to train!

Millia: Your highness, please be careful.

Narrator: And so ends the battle with Bio. Nick has gone off to train to regain his Nova powers. But now that the Deadly Six are here, what will Scott, Millia, and the freedom fighters do? find out next time on Poke Heroes Chronicles.
Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 15
I'm Nick! Nick the Eevee!
Thanks to the fusion
Me, Craig, and the others
worked together to defeat
Bio! and and Craig got
really bruised up in the battle.

During the night, Nova told me
everything about my problem.
So, it looks like I have no choice,
I'm off to train! 
Chapter 14: Material Fusion! Crick Vs. Bio!

Narrator: Last time on Poke Heroes Chronicles, Nick and Craig experience the damage of Bio's cursed dolls. William gets the idea of using the fusion crystals. William gives Nick and Craig the fusion crystals, and the two fuse together to make the warrior Crick. Crick then fuses together a bomb and a slingshot, which causes damage to Bio. Will this fusion be enough to defeat Bio? Find out today!

The chapter begins in the Death Emergency Room, Crick stands on a sharp bone.

Crick: A fusion consisting of Nick and Craig. Two of the strongest members of the freedom fighters, fused together. I must warn you that I can only stay in this form for 5 minutes. Bio you shall pay for all the damage you have caused! Material Fusion; Yo-yo and Shark teeth!

Crick fuses the two items together to create a Yo-yo that has shark teeth implanted in it. Crick hurls the Yo-yo at Bio.

Crick: Razor Rad Yo-yo Slash!!

Scott: Yes! Crick is actually beating Bio!

Bio: Grr... how are you able to do that!?

Crick hurls a yo-yo at Bio, cutting him across the face.

Crick: Material Fusion; Laser pointer and Umbrella!

Crick fuses the items together to create an umbrella with a handle, Crick holds the umbrella and begins to open fire at Bio.

Crick: Umbrella bullet barrage!

Bio: *Huff* This is annoying! How are you this strong?!

Crick: That's the power of fusion! Material Fusion!

Bio: ( How can I land a hit him?! He knocked my scalpel away!)

Crick: Laundry hamper and Underwear!

Katelyn: Hey hold on, That's my underwear!!

Crick fuses the items together to create a cannon that shoots balls of clothes at Bio.

Bio: ( This brat is defeating me?! How can this be!? )

Crick: Hey.

Bio looks to see Crick with a watermelon. Crick smashes the watermelon on Bio's head. The watermelon breaks in half, Crick grabs one half.

Crick: Melon?

Bio: Uhh...Sure?

Crick smashes the watermelon half into Bio's face, causing him to lose sight.

Bio: AHH!!! My face!!

Crick: Material Fusion; Paint can and Squirt gun!

Crick fuses the two items together to form a gun that shoots paint at Bio, to blind him even more.

Crick: Material Fusion; Coffee cup and 50 coffee seeds!

Crick fuses the two items together to make a bucket that pours very hot coffee on Bio.

Bio: S-Stop!* Rubs eyes * Ugh... There, I can finally see!

Crick: Material Fusion; Watermelon half and Ninja shuriken!

Crick fuses the watermelon half and ninja shuriken together to make a shuriken that has watermelon colors. Crick tosses multiple shuriken past Bio.

Bio: Huh? Hey boy! You missed me!

Crick: Wasn't aiming for ya!

Bio turns to see the veins that kept the heroes to the wall have vanished.

Alyssa: W-We're free!!

Bio: What?! You annoying brat! I'll make you all pay!

Scott: Terribly sorry Bio, but we will defeat you!

Narrator: The new fused fighter Crick has managed to cause major damage to Bio. Crick makes a fused tool that releases everyone from the veins. Next time on Poke Heroes Chornicles, our heroes will work together to defeat Bio!
Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 14
Hello! My name is Alyssa!
Man, Crick is really powerful!

Crick managed to land a lot 
of good hits on Bio.

Crick even fused a watermelon half
and a ninja shuriken to cut me and
everyone else out!

Now, it's time to make Bio pay!
Chapter 13: Cursed Doll Operation! Time to fuse!

Narrator: Last time on Poke Heroes Chronicles, Nick, Craig, and William continues their fight with the mad surgeon Bio. During the fight, Bio inject the boys with poison. Bio even attaches needles to William and when he pulled them out, blood gushed out of William's body. After receiving damage from Nick and Craig, Bio takes out a ball from his body and smashes it, causing dolls to be attached to Bio's body. Are our heroes prepared? What does this new found power do? Find out now!

The chapter begins on an island. The deadly six are seen looking at a nearby island.

Byakkyo: Anyone else feel that?

Kagura: Yes, that's Bio's God Boost.

Rice: so this means someone's fighting him!

Yenma: Yeah well whoever's fighting Bio is gonna be killed.

Chojin: Man, it suck if we got mixed up in it.

Byakkyo: And that's what we're going to do!

Rice: WHAT?! Are you nuts Byakkyo?!

Yenma: Byakkyo, you do remember we of the Deadly Six aren't strong enough to match up against someone of the Umbreon Gods.

Byakkyo: Yes I know, but I'm also feeling another power, one that is... pure.

Kagura: Pure?

Byakkyo: Yes, pure...good.

Back in the Death Emergency Room.

Bio: Hehehehe... do you boys know what you're in for?

Nick: W-What the heck's going on?!

Bio: Don't worry little eevee, you'll be dead before you can experience serious pain!

Bio takes his scalpel and cuts into the doll on his left arm. Soon blood gushed out of Nick and Craig's left arm.

Nick: GAH!!! It hurts!!!

Craig: How the hell did you do that?!

Bio: Easy! With my babies implanted in me, I can cut my enemies from a far. Once I'm in this form, no one lives!

Bio stabs the doll on his chest. Blood comes out of Nick and Craig's chests.

Alyssa: This is a nightmare!

Leah: Someone please makes this horrific stop!!

Millia: I wish there was something i could do... OH!!

Millia looks down to see William reaching into her left pocket.

Millia: William dear, what are you doing?

William: If*huff*brute force won't work*huff*. Then maybe fusion can!

William takes out two fusion crystals. Nick and Craig fall to the ground.

Nick: Craig...

Craig: Yeah...?

Nick: I...don't think i can take...much more.

Bio: Giving up? How sad, i thought battling Mark and Kelly's son would be more interesting. Oh well, time to rip your hearts out!

bio charges at Nick and Craig, but he stopped by William with a slash from his sword. The slash makes Bio fly across the arena. William walks over to Nick and Craig.

Nick: Will...iam.

Craig: Are... you...alright?

William: I'm fine. Look, brute force won't be the key to winning this fight.

Nick: Your...Sugges...tion?

William: Fusion!

Craig: Me... fuse with Nick...?

William: I know you two don't work well together, but if we're gonna beat Bio, you two need to fuse!

Craig: Grr... Give me the damn crystal!

Nick: Same here!

William give Nick and Craig the fusion crystals. Bio gets back up.

Bio: Lucky shot! But I will rip their hearts out!

William: Nick and Craig no longer are involved with this fight!!

Nick and Craig: Huh?!

William: Soon, a new fighter shall appear and make you pay for all your sins Bio! If you wish to fight someone strong, face me until the fighter appears!

Bio: Ah...being suicidal, eh umbreon?

William: I don;t give a damn what happens! Nick's risked his life to protect others; if Nick will risk his life, so will I, because I have a girlfriend and I have my parents how I have never seen in my entire life!!!

William and Bio both clash at each other. As they fight, Nick and Craig try to put on the fusion crystals.

Craig: Do you think this'll work?

Nick: Sure, William's got a lot of intelligence in him. Now let's hurry!!

William slashes Bio, sending him flying. Bio Stab the doll on his chest, blood comes out William's chest. Bio grabs William by the throat, Bio holds a scalpel near William's chest where his heart is.

Bio: Any last words, swordsman?

William: Yeah. I hope you like fusion!

Bio: Huh?

Bio looks behind William to see a bright glow. Bio tosses William aside.

Bio: No! I'll stop your fusion!!

bio tries cutting the bright light with his scalpel. But in the bright light a hand deflects it. The light fades and a character with a headband, hoodie, blue pants, and black shoes with white stripes.

Bio: W-What?! He deflected my cut... with just his hand.

The character pushes the scalpel away.

???: Fusion complete! Now to end this!

The character pulls out slingshot and a bomb.

???: Slingshot and Bomb!

the character creates a force that fuses the two items together. The character shoot bombs off the slingshot, the bombs hit Bio causing damage.

Millia: A-Amazing!

William: Those two did it!

Bio: Ugh... W-Who the hell are you?!

Crick: The name's Crick.

Narrator: Nick and Craig have worked together to fuse into one, Crick, who can fuse two items together and create deadly combinations! Will this fusion be enough to defeat Bio? Find out on the next Poke Heroes Chronicles!
Poke Heroes Chronicles Chapter 13
Hello, my name is William.

After being hit with a deadly attack, 
I managed to get back up. But I notice 
Nick and Craig are having a real hard time
fighting Bio.

It looks like the only way we're gonna
beat Bio is by using fusion.


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